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Trust service

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Tax planning is an essential part of financial advice. Setting an investment up in trust can be used as a key tool for the management of capital gains and inheritance tax planning.

Our range of trusts enable your clients to both protect and manage their assets in a tax efficient way.

So whether a client is looking to provide for their loved ones, protect an inheritance for their family, provide for elderly relatives or even help plan succession in a family business, we can help.

CLIA(I) Discounted Gift Scheme

Designed for people who wish to reduce the potential inheritance tax (IHT) liability on their estate by making a lifetime gift into trust, this product has the additional benefit of allowing fixed regular income payments to be received by the trustee.

Trustees can invest in the CLIA(I) International Portfolio Bond through a Discounted Gift Scheme.

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Bypass Trust

While pension death benefits are normally paid free of inheritance tax, (and while funds remain “inside” the pension arrangement after the death of the original member and remain outside of any potential beneficiary’s taxable estate), funds that are received by a beneficiary from the pension arrangement may become taxable to the extent that they form part of the taxable estate of a deceased “receiving beneficiary". In these circumstances a Bypass Trust can add value, flexibility and tax efficiency to the Cofunds Pension Account and the Suffolk Life MasterSIPP. This is by enabling the death benefits paid out of the pension arrangement to remain accessible to beneficiaries (via the exercise of the trustees' discretion) but without forming part of a beneficiary’s estate for inheritance tax purposes. This can then operate to maximise the amount that passes to the next generation but without necessarily denying access to the funds for the surviving spouse/registered civil partner of the deceased.

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