Unipass is a certificate specifically for financial advisers that gives you quick and easy secure access to Cofunds and other websites at the click of a button. Unipass is free and enables you to do away with multiple usernames and passwords when logging in to websites that support it. It’s also easy to install and use. Your Unipass sits on your PC and acts like a key - automatically unlocking your entry into websites as you work.

To learn more about Unipass, or to apply for a Unipass certificate, visit the Unipass website.

Once you have your Unipass certificate you can register it to get quick access to the Cofunds site. Simply log in to our website the usual way, and then click on the 'My Information' tab on your home page.

Please note, you’ll need to re-register for a Unipass certificate each year. You’ll receive an email from the Unipass Helpdesk with instructions how to renew your certificate, up to 30 days before your existing certificate expires.

To reset your Unipass password:

  1. Log in to the ‘My account’ section of the Unipass website with your Unipass certificate
  2. Click ‘Change my details’ tile on the ‘My account’ home page.